Canon – Fuji switch part1

First article about my possible system switch from Canon full frame dslr to the smaller Fuji XT-1 system

I’ve been thinking of a replacement system for my Canon 5d MKII and my generation II canon lenses for a while now. It’s not because I’m not satisfied with the image quality or anything else with this system, what it all comes down to is weight and flexibility.

My current Canon setup with the new 16-35 4.0L IS USM, 24-70 4.0L IS USM and the splendid 70-200 4.0L IS USM is just to bulky to haul around. I travel a great deal in my work and i like to bring my gear along with me should I spot something interesting along the road. However, add my Lee filters and holder, Siriu tripod, batteries and remote triggers and i end up with a fully packed Kata 3n1-20 backpack which is just to much weight to haul around for every trip i make.

Looking at the Fuji XT-1 system it gets a lot of excellent reviews and I have to admit I wanted one from the first image I saw of it with it’s retro styling and manual knobs for just about any settings you like to change. I’ve read a lot of reviews about the fuji and the X-Trans sensor and I was quite certain it would meet my needs in regards to image quality and sharpness, but there was always that level of uncertainty especially in regards to the electronic viewfinder.

Well two weeks ago I took the plunge and ordered a Fuji XT-1 with the 18-55 bundle lens and the 10-24 wide-angle. I plan to run this system parallell with my canon setup for a while just to make sure I’m fully satisfied before selling my Canon gear.

So far it’s looking quite good for the Fuji system all though I’ve only begun testing it in the real world. As soon as i feel comfortable in making the final Canon vs Fuji decision I will do a follow up on this article and post my findings here.