Canon Pixma pro 10s – first impressions

Yesterday my new Canon Pixma Pro 10s arrived! Cant wait to print some more photos and trying some different paper types with it, but here are my first impressions so far. Be advised though that I am a total newbie on printing.

First of, the Canon Pixma Pro 10s is HUGE, and I mean really huge. I have a fairly large-sized desk that used to hold my iMac and a secondary display, however since I knew the printer was large I removed the second display and put a shelf on top of the desk (to keep some remaining desk space). When the printer arrived I realized it’s not only big but it’s also heavy! The manual even states that it’s a two person operation to lift the printer into position (I did manage it by myself though).

The printer is about 70cm wide and 30cm deep so it’s not really a desktop printer I would say (you’ll also need additional space behind and in front of the printer of course). But I still managed to make it work with the shelf even though the desk wiggles a bit when the printer is working.

The setup was fairly easy to get by even though the unboxing and installation papers from Canon is not really clear and precise, please fix this Canon. And while I’m giving a hint to Canon, it makes absolutely no sense at all that you include a USB-cable with my $80 selphy but not with a $800 pro printer?!

Drivers and application setup was a breeze, though I had a little struggle of adding the Print Studio Pro Plug-In to Photoshop CC 2018 (sorted by manually copying the plugin files to the correct folder).

So how about the most important thing, image quality? I did some quick test prints using both a4 and a3 paper (Canon Photo platinum pro) and I must say that I’m deeply impressed. When comparing these prints (both color and black & white) to the prints from a professional print studio that is printed on much more expensive media I can’t really spot any differences in shadows/highlight or colors. So as for quality it’s a huge thumbs up!

I’ll do a follow up post after a while which will include inc consumption and reliability and maybe some different paper qualities.