Follow up – Sony FE 100-400 4.5 – 5.6 GM OSS

So it’s been a couple of weeks since my first post on the Sony FE 100-400 4.5 – 5.6 GM OSS.
Here is what I think so far, this lens is absolutely pure magic! I’ve been using it as-is and in combination with Sonys 1.4x extender and even with the extender
this lens outperforms the resolution of my A7RII and it’s 42mpx sensor. I can’t even see any image perforce differences using the extender or not.

So for me this lens is a big thumbs up and a given 5+ rating. There is however som quirks about it, some are given and some doesn’t matter, if you want quality images this is the lens to get – end of discussion.

So the pros and cons:


  • Image quality (outstanding)
  • Can be used with 1.4x extender without quality loss
  • Reach (I love the 400 och 560mm reach)


  • It’s quite heavy (doh it’s a 100-400mm quality zoom)
  • The lens hood has a release button which I keep forgetting to press
  • AF can be slow in low light with the extender (Probably not with the A9 or the A7RIII)

Check out this new shots below with this awesome lens!

Sitta europaea - Joakim Jormelin

Sitta europaea (Nötväcka in Swedish) – (C) Joakim Jormelin


Sciurus vulgaris - Joakim Jormelin

Wazzup – Sciurus vulgaris (C) Copyright Joakim Jormelin


Cyanistes caeruleus - Joakim Jormelin

Cyanistes caeruleus (Blåmes in swedish) – (C) Copyright Joakim Jormelin